Lifestyle Disorder

cHOLESTEROL Introduction

Cholesterol, a waxy fat-like substance, plays a crucial role in our bodies. It helps build cell membranes, produce hormones, and even aids in digestion. But here’s the twist – there’s good and bad cholesterol

Risk Factors and Causes

So, what turns your cholesterol story into a heart-thumping thriller? Several factors can play the antagonist:

Signs and Symptoms

Cholesterol is a sneaky villain – it rarely throws tantrums with obvious symptoms. However, some red flags to watch out for include:


Arcus senilis

Formulas that are best of Science & nature

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  • LDL-X

    Think of it like a cholesterol ninja! It may contain ingredients like red yeast rice, berberine, or plant sterols.

  • Rozana Cell Rejuvenator

    Imagine it as your body's bodyguard! It might be rich in antioxidants like vitamins and polyphenols.

    Rozana Cell Rejuvenator


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