Lifestyle Disorder

The aim of HealthWOW is to create an ecosystem to empower every person to embrace a life of Vitality and Wellbeing.

The goal is to guide a person through a World of Wellness so that they are introduced to a holistic approach to health and well-being, harnessing the transformative power of nature’s finest offerings.

Mission of HealthWOW is to create the largest worldwide health and wellness community.

Driven by a deep-rooted commitment to scientific research and innovation we are dedicated to:

Inspiring a healthy nation Leading the charge towards Happy Healthy India, where individuals are empowered to make informed choices that prioritize their well-being.

Life Without Medicine
Systematic collation of wellness information on various aspects of how to lead a healthy life. Information on how to counter the deleterious effects of modern living.

Reversal of Lifestyle Disorders
HealthWOW ecosystem will only provide information on the root cause reasons which cause metabolic disorders. These would be updated with the latest scientific breakthroughs so that the interest of the community is kept alive. No specific solution or products would be mentioned.

Free Health Guidance
Members of the community will have the option to take the help of a Health Coach during their initial stages of the Wellness Journey. The services of Health Coach would be free. The Health Coach would also explain the steps involved in how to avail the following Free Services:
Free Diet Plan,
Free Daily Exercise Classes, Free Daily Wellness Instructions

Health Coach Certification
Instructions would be provided by the Health Coach to interested persons who would like to continue their journey and become a Government Certified Health Coach.

Higher level of training can also be provided so that the person can become a Wellness Consultant.

Paid Services
HealthWOW ecosystem would strive to become a One Stop Shop for all Wellness Needs. HealthWOW would offer also offer the following services to its Health Community:
Paid Dieticians
Paid Yoga Instructors
Paid Fitness Trainers
Paid Meditation Instructors

Functional Medicine Doctors
The USP of HealthWOW would be to provide the services of Certified Functional Medicine Doctors who have a degree in medicine. These super specialized Doctors conduct detailed testing and diagnose the root cause of metabolic disorders. Then based on the person’s parameters they help devise a detailed Wellness plan to start the journey on root cause reversal of Lifestyle Disorders. These services can be availed on a paid basis.

HealthWOW Ecosystem

The ecosystem of HealthWOW would be comprehensive and would comprise of:
Facebook Page
Instagram Page
Youtube Channel
Whatsapp Groups

Social Media presence would be paramount while ensuring that no products are mentioned.

The Team would consist of designers and content developers who would be keeping the wellness community engaged. The funnel would be handled by qualified coordinators who would answer questions and process the leads.

Coordination with Service Providers would also be required on an ongoing basis.

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