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Betain Appetizer Digestives

Betain Appetizer Digestives



Digestion challenge are today faced by 83% of people living in India. One of the primary reasons for this is that the primary reasons for this is that the current lifestyle of over reliance on medication has crafted in weaking the concentration of HCL acid in the Stomach. In traditional terms this has lead to weakening of the digestive fire or Jathara Agni.

Weakened Jathara Agni has led to Two serious problems. Firstly it has resulted in weak digestive power resulting in burps and bloating.

Second weak digestive power results in undigested food moving into the intestines which is the root cause of Constipation.

Low concentration of HCL acid takes place when a person takes antacids or Analgesics or Antibiotics or Drugs used to reduce the formation of acid.

The answer to increasing the digestive power is to take place Betaine HCL which increases the concentration of HCL Acid. NatureLeaf has formulated Betaine Digester which is a blend of Betaine HCL and a proprietary formulation for increasing the digestive power of pancreas.

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