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Net Quantity  60 capsules

About this item

GYMNEMA SUGARKEY is effective for Type I and Type II diabetes. It has a unique formulation of herbs and nutraceuticals by introduction of micronutrients it is able to restart the bio chemical reaction in Type II to facilitate insulin receptor activity and reduce insulin resistance. The results in Type II Diabetes are visible in 10-30 days. In Type I diabetes over a period of time it  rejuvenates the beta cells in the pancreas to increase insulin secretion. This formulation is based  on information available in research paper in Journal of Clinical Endocrinal Metabolism. 

  •   Type I Diabetes
  •   Type II Diabetes
  •   Pre Diabetes
  •   Pre Diabetic Induced Weight loss


Take 1 Capsule before breakfast and 1 capsule before dinner or as directed by healthcare professional.

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