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Net Quantity  60 capsules

About this item

THYRO-X is a unique formulation which works on activating the reaction mechanism between liver and pituitary gland. It also activates the reaction between the pituitary and thyroid gland.

It is a unique combination of micronutrients and nutraceuticals. Unlike pharmaceuticals which normally treat the patients by giving Thyroxin (T4) which is inactive hormone, THYRO-X converts T4 which is made in thyroid gland into T3 which is an active hormone.

THYRO-X also helps the liver produce more T3 therefore balances TSH, T3 and T4 thereby reactivating the thyroid hormone and metabolism. Test Results show normalization in 30-45 days.Usage: Take 1 Capsule with breakfast or as directed by healthcare professional.


Usage: Take 1 Capsule with dinner or as directed by healthcare professional

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